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Maximize the ROI of your idle inventory and equipment


Have an inventory list already? Whether a computer generated list or some handwritten notes, get it to us and we will start working up an offer for you immediately. Smaller lists can generally be priced up and an offer made within 24-48 hours. Larger lists may require a bit more time but rest assured, we are interested and working on it.


Don’t have a list? Don’t have time to make one? No problem. Just get what you want to sell ready for shipping and call us. We will make the shipping arrangements and pay for it. Once at our facility, we will break down the shipment and make the list for you. Then we will contact you and let you know our offer. Most shipments can be evaluated, offered, and paid within a week of receiving.


If you are unable to provide us with a list, or just don’t feel comfortable in just sending us your material for evaluation, then let us come to you. With our knowledgeable staff and locations already in place on the West Coast, Midwest, Southeast, and even in Canada, we can get to you quickly and efficiently and start the buying process right away.

Ready To Sell To MRO Surplus Solutions?

We make it easy to sell your maintenance, repair, and operations inventory. From locking in your price to getting paid. Start the process today by requesting a quote online or giving us a call. The quicker you decide to sell, the quicker you can get paid.