Packing and Shipping

    Often time companies procrastinate and put off selling excess inventories because they simply do not have the manpower to pull and pack up the items for sale to get ready for shipment.  Let us solve that problem for you.
    MRO Surplus Solutions has full time staff whose sole job it is to travel to your site and pack up the items and prepare them for shipment that we are buying from you.  Insured and forklift certified, let our team members come to your facility to safely and professionally get these items out of your way.  And nothing leaves your site unless it has already been paid for.
    MRO Surplus Solutions always arranges and pays for the shipping to one of our facilities.  So whether it is one pallet or one truckload, whether you pack and prepare it or we do, MRO Surplus Solutions offers always include the fact that we will arrange for and pick up the tab on shipping costs involved.

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