MRO Surplus Solutions helps you recover value from your surplus industrial assets

We are the leaders in

Industrial Asset Recovery


    Since 1990 MRO Surplus Solutions has been working with corporations and individuals to help them turn their obsolete and excess spare parts inventories into cash.


     While originally starting out as only pursuing excess inventories of electrical equipment and supplies, we have developed into an asset recovery company that makes competitive offers on all sorts of industrial parts, including bearings, hydraulics, valves, industrial electronics, instrumentation, and all other types of products. Odds are, if it is in the maintenance cribs at your facility, we will buy it!

Fair and Competitive Offers

Let us help you turn your surplus parts into revenue and maximize the ROI of your idle inventory and equipment

Help Save Our Planet

While it is important to get back some capital for your company on assets no longer needed it is just as important to be able to recycle and reuse items instead of letting them go to the landfill or simply be sold for scrap. Let us pay you to repurpose your items and find them another home where they can be used

Family Owned

Still family owned, still driven by innovation and a passion for customer success, We travel anywhere in the world to help you let go of excess industrial stock​

What We Do


We pay our bill in full before anything leaves your facility

Industrial Surplus

We buy surplus MRO parts and equipment from all sorts of industries. Every industry has spare parts and we want to make you an offer on them.


We offer options to buy your complete plant inventory.


Have lists from more than one of your facilities? We will bid them AND pack them all.

and Shipping

We can send our team to pack up what we buy. We pay the shipping no matter who packs it!


We buy all inventories and types of parts.  You are too busy to try and find ten different companies to purchase your inventory and collect from.   Let us make you an offer on your entire inventory.